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Soprano and Wind Ensemble
  • Grade: 5
  • ca. 20 minutes
  • Available: July 1, 2024
  • Performance Exclusivity: May 15th, 2025
  • [ Download Flier .pdf ]
White Rose
  • For Chamber Winds, Soprano, and Tenor Voice
  • Joni Greene, Composer
  • Robert S. Hatten, Libretto
  • ca. 30 minutes
  • [ Download Flier .pdf ]

Is Joni available for a commission?

Joni's current schedule is booked through the first half of 2024, and she is currently scheduling out future work. If you're interested in having a piece written for your Band or Ensemble, reach out to Joni via email or telephone to discuss further.

How much does a commission cost?

Commission prices vary greatly given the grade and ensemble; however, prices range from $1000-$1700 per minute of music. You are encouraged to contact Joni if you enjoy her style of music and are interested in commissioning a work. If you're concerned about the cost of a commission, a common way to afford a new work is to group together with other groups as a Consortium. Joni is often gathering interest from like-minded music ensembles and banding them together.

How long does it take Joni to write a piece?

As one could imagine, this too is extremely dependent on the grade and ensemble. In general, a 3-5 minute Band piece will take Joni about two months to write. This is a very generalized estimate, but it can give you an idea on the level of detail that is put into each new work. Smaller ensemble pieces can be written in as little as one month.

What terms are generally put into a contract?

Generally, commissioners are given the right to premiere the work within three months of receipt. Unless the work is planned as a rental, ensembles are also given a full printing of the final score and pdf parts and they have full rights to perform the work forever, regardless of future publishing. If you're interested in more detail, contact Joni.